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Ultimate Source DC Load Control

System 3 is a fully programmable DC distribution and load control system. The modular system is comprised of compact individual solid-state modules each capable of controlling a DC circuit of up to 15 amps. The modules are available with dimming capability or reverse polarity capability.

Up to six modules may be inserted into a compact distribution panel for up to 90 amps of capability per panel. Multiple panels may be used together for larger systems applications.

Attractive backlit switch panels complete the system and are available in single, three gang or six gang configurations. The switches accommodate custom labels.

System 3 runs on a single bus common to all switch modules and each switch is fully programmable providing nearly unlimited flexibility in switching any DC load from multiple locations. Switches are wired using category 5 cable thus reducing DC wiring in the coach by up to 70% compared to conventional DC circuits.

System 3 supports advanced infrared remote control capability.

Future models will incorporate an optional on board modem to provide for remote programming and diagnostic capability.

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System 3 Distribution panel with 6 modules
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Switches Front View


Switches Back View




(the diagram and manual are in PDF format)

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