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SeeLevel II

Tank Monitor

The SeeLeveL II Tank Monitor represents a massive leap forward in level measurement technology for the Recreational Vehicle industry. The SeeLeveL has a combination of features, accuracy, reliability, and diagnostic capability that have never been available before.

The SeeLeveL II will monitor RV battery voltage, two fresh water holding tank levels, grey and black sewer tank levels, and one LPG tank. The information is displayed on a 3 digit alpha-numeric LED display. In addition, the system can display the operating characteristics of each of the tank sending units, giving it unsurpassed diagnostic capability.


  • Full featured system designed specifically for OEM's
  • Provides accurate tank level information using percentage of full readout
  • Fresh, gray and black water tanks are monitored using Garnet's proprietary external level sensing technology. This ends fouling problems caused by debris in the holding tank fluids. Detailed diagnostic information monitors sender operation.
  • Measures tanks up to 17 inches tall with a single sender or 33 inches tall with dual senders
  • LPG tank connection compatible with existing electric senders
  • LPG auto calibrates at first fill of tank
  • Flexible configurations with versions for inside and outside temperature indication, four holding tanks, or dual LPG tanks
  • Includes water pump and water heater controls
  • Uses common industry connector for ease of installation and servicing

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SeeLevel II Tank Monitor shown here
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