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IPS Lifeline Batteries

LifelineŽ AGM Features:

  • Aircraft class cell construction for ultra-low internal resistance
  • Withstands severe shock and vibration better than liquid lead or gel type batteries
  • Superior cycle life -up to 3 times more cycles than liquid lead acid types, two times more than the leading gel
  • Faster recharge, no current limitations with voltage regulated charge source
  • Much better charge retention than flooded cell types even in high ambient temperatures
  • Less than 3% per month self discharge rate @ 77° F.
  • Full recharge after 30 days storage in fully discharged condition
  • Sealed construction, no maintenance required, no corrosion in battery compartment
  • Rugged non-marring polypropylene case and cover
  • Superior safety. Even in severe overcharging, Lifeline® batteries vent less than 2% hydrogen gas…4.1% is required for flammability in air
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

LIFELINE Recombinant Gas Batteries

The cells are sealed with pressure relief valves that provide a positive pressure within the battery. The plates are sandwiched with a micro fibrous silica glass mat consisting of a blend of glass fibers of varying length and diameter that have food wicking characteristics and promote retention of the electrolyte. Electrolyte is absorbed and held in place by the capillary action between the fluid and the glass mat fibers. The mat is over 90% saturated with electrolyte...a portion is filled with gas. The void space provides the channels by which oxygen travels in its path from positive to negative plate during charging.

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The recombination of the gasses on charge with the absorbed glass mat (AGM) design.



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