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Lifeline® AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Integrated Power Systems is the Authorized Midwest Distributor for Lifeline® AGM Deep Cycle batteries. Originally designed for demanding military applications, Lifeline® AGM batteries are now being used as standard equipment on many of the finest luxury motor homes and bus conversions. Reliability, extended cycle life, safety and true maintenance free operation are just a few of the reasons Lifeline® AGM batteries are gaining popularity in the RV OEM market and aftermarket. Independent testing supports the superior performance of AGM technology. The batteries are totally sealed and never require water to be added. No corrosive and potentially flammable fumes or gasses are produced during normal operation making the Lifeline® AGM batteries one of the safest on the market. Lifeline® owners typically experience significantly higher cycle life and faster recharge times with Lifeline® AGM batteries.

About AGM Technology:

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. AGM battery technology was designed to provide increased safety, efficiency and durability. Lifeline® Advanced AGM batteries are based on liquid lead acid battery chemistry, however the electrolyte in an AGM battery is absorbed and held in place by micro-fibrous silica glass mats which are sandwiched between the lead plates. The electrolyte is still in liquid form and remains so for the life of the battery. The glass mats are over 90% saturated with electrolyte allowing the oxygen produced during charging to migrate to the negative plate and recombine into water. Because the plates are kept "moist" instead of "flooded", gas recombination efficiency is very high (typically 95%). This allows for a sealed valve-regulated battery case which vents less than 2% hydrogen gas (Over 4% is needed to support combustion).

This also eliminates water loss and makes the Lifeline® the safest deep cycle lead acid battery on the market. In addition to superior safety, AGM technology provides much faster battery recharge and provides up to three times the cycle life of leading deep cycle batteries.

Charging AGM Batteries:
Charging profiles at 70° F for LifelineŽ AGM batteries are as follows:

Bulk Charge Voltage:

14.4 Volts DC

Float Charge Voltage:

13.4 Volts DC

Extended Float (Storage) Voltage:

13.0 Volts DC


15.5 Volts DC for 3 hours.

A temperature compensated charging source is highly recommended.

AGM construction and technology significantly reduces the possibility of battery damage and premature failure due to sulfation (a build up of lead sulfate on the plates). However, like all lead acid batteries, some sulfation can occur over time through normal battery use. In addition, normal battery cycling tends to develop slightly different voltages internally within each cell over time. To correct both of these conditions, an "equalizing" or "conditioning " charge is often recommended. The equalization process involves charging the battery beyond its gassing state for a specific period of time on a scheduled basis. Frequency of equalization depends upon several factors including the quality of your charging system and how often you cycle your batteries. Performing an equalizing charge at least once a year is a good maintenance practice that will prolong the life and performance of your batteries.

For long term storage, (more than 2 months) it is a good idea to lower the float voltage to 12.9 to 13.1 volts. Prolonged voltage above this level will tend to dry the cells on any liquid lead acid battery. Keeping the float voltage lower in long term storage applications will simply increase the life expectancy of your battery.


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