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IPS Plasma Screen Lift


  • Single Drive, overhead mount, swing down lift for all popular LCD and plasma screens up to 29".
  • Precision jig-welder tubular steel frame for strength.
  • Attractive, durable black powder coat finish.
  • Super slim-mount profile is just 3" thick. Superior strength to weight ratio.
  • Heavy duty 12 volt DC motor for long life and smooth quiet operation.
  • Totally enclosed drive mechanism for maintenance free service life.
  • All moving parts are fully supported by precision, high quality bearings.
  • Fully adjustable limit switches control range of motion.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Patented VPS™(Vibration Protection System) technology isolates screen from shock and vibration. (Optional)
  • Optional ProfilerII™ solid state control circuitry provides exclusive advanced safety and performance features.
    • Auto Down ™ feature uses the power button on the screen remote control to turn on the screen and open the lift simultaneously. No separate remote control necessary.
    • Patented Power Sentry™ feature prohibits the lift from closing when the screen is on. This prevents heat damage to the screen from accidentally being left on or turned on inside a closed compartment.
    • Exclusive Safety Sensor™ technology stops lift travel instantly if it encounters an obstruction.
    • Auto Lock™ feature allows any 12 volt input signal to lock the lift in the closed position. (For example, the 12 volt input signal from the "drive" position on the gear selector could be used to prevent the lift from opening when the coach is in drive.)

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