About Us                      
Integrated Power Systems, LLC was founded in 1997 by Michael McCoy. With over 20 years experience in the RV and mobile power markets, Mike most recently served as the Marketing Director for Trace Engineering's Mobile Power Group from 1995 up to their merger with Xantrex in 2000.
Frustrated with the "merger mania" mentality of the late 90's, IPS was founded based on the simple principle that bigger isn't always better. Clearly understanding the customer's requirements and providing products and services that meet or exceed those requirements is the foundation of IPS's operating philosophy. Simply stated, the mission of IPS is providing our customers with: Ideas, Products, Solutions.

IPS operates as a design engineering, manufacturing and distribution company providing products primarily for mobile power applications including RV, Marine, Rescue and Special Use Vehicles, Service Trucks and Long Haul Trucking to name a few. The other segment of IPS's business includes Back Up Power systems for residential and commercial applications.

Products we distribute or manufacture include Lifeline® AGM deep cycle batteries, a true military spec deep cycle battery with safety and performance features unparalleled in the industry. Also included in the product lineup are power inverters manufactured by our Asian partnership to exacting quality and performance standards specified by IPS.

Our premium quality line of Hart Design® plasma and LCD lift mechanisms are precision engineered and built with patented technology providing safety and performance features not available on any other product on the market.

IPS has partnered with Garnet Technology, the leader in innovative technology for tank level monitoring in mobile applications. The SeeLeveL® patented digital technology and external sensing circuitry have revolutionized the accuracy and reliability of fluid level monitoring for RV and Marine applications.

Other products include our complete line of Class T fuse products, custom DC cable sets manufactured to UL standards and the Ultimate Source® DC load control system offering programmable control and switching of any DC coach load including full dimming capability, reverse polarity loads and momentary switching.

Finally, we pride ourselves in our design capability, which allows us to design solutions and build custom products for our customers often in far less time and for less cost than larger companies.

Customers we are proud to serve in the recreation vehicle industry include Monaco Coach, Airstream and Fleetwood among others. IPS is a member of the Family Motor Coach Association and provides technical assistance to RVIA Development and Review Technical Committee and the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation.

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